Huawei Power-Fi E8221 Data Card Review

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1) Excellent Signal: I have tried in my home with my yoga tablet and Nokia mobile. Its signal strength is superb.
2) Web Browser based setting: There is no need of installing software in your computer. By default, it opens your default browser to control its settings.
3) Auto APN: Just insert your SIM card on it, and it’ll detect your operator setting for data access.
4) Password Protection: No one can change your settings without knowing your username and password. You must have to enter the details to access net or change settings.


1) No Memory Card support: There is no memory card slot in it. For me, no need of a memory card slot on my data card.
2) No USSD support: If you want to check your balance, then there is no USSD support in it. If your operator supports message based balance enquiry, then it’ll helpful to you.
3) No Call support: Many data cards have to call supports, but in this no call facility.

Setup E8221 for Computer

Huawei Power-Fi E8221
Insert your SIM card on it and plug it into your computer. It’ll install some drivers on your system and after that it’ll show its setting panel in your default browser. For any modification, you have to enter default Username: admin, Password: admin on the logon box.

If you want to change the login password, then you can change it by going settings. There are many options in it for Network setup, Wi-Fi setup, etc. You can be able to change your login password but not your username.

Setup E8221 for Mobile

If you have an Android or iOS powered Smartphone or Tablet then you can control the settings of E8221. It is very simple to use. You just have to download the required application for your system. Search “Huawei” in iOs App store or Google play store or download from below link.
HUAWEI Mobile WiFi for Android
HUAWEI Mobile WiFi for iOS

Final touch

For its browser-based setting panel, you can use it on any operating system (Doesn’t support Windows RT). I have been using it from seven days, and I can say it is awesome in  built-in quality and performance. The sexy black look of it can attract anyone. If you can ignore Call and USSD support, then go for it.