150+ HD Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds for Desktop
January 31, 2024

150+ HD Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds for Desktop

The word “psychedelic” means “mind manifesting” or “hallucinations”. By that explanation, all creative efforts to illustrate the inner world of the mind may be viewed as “psychedelic”. And, the Trippy meaning is, causing the hallucinatory effect generated by taking a psychedelic drug. The meaning of these both words are same, so when you look at these wallpapers they’ll generate optical illusions on your mind like a druggist. That’s why a lot of people don’t prefer trippy backgrounds, but they have their own benefit.
Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds

Why People like Trippy and Psychedelic backgrounds?

Sometimes these wallpapers create dizziness issues. But, if you have no issue with these Psychedelic wallpapers & Trippy wallpapers, then there are a lot of reasons you’ll fall in love with them.

1) Psychedelic and Trippy backgrounds represent the creativity
2) They are bright and have highly contrasting colors which are best for your screen
3) Some wallpapers create an illusion like they are moving. It’s a good way to show your friends something new.
4) They are simple hand-drawn, high-quality and computer generated 3D images
5) Once you set it as your wallpaper, then you’ll love your device more than before, because they are simply awesome in looking.

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In earlier days, all art was self-created by different artists, but in these days, computer art has allowed for an even better and more excessive expression of psychedelic perspective. The graphics software gives an accurate representation of psychedelic hallucinatory patterns, but even, more importantly, 2D and 3D graphics software allow for remarkable flexibility of image manipulation.

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However, this collection contains both hands drawn simple and computer generated complex HD Psychedelic and Trippy backgrounds for desktop. These all wallpapers are of HD quality – come in various resolutions and can be used on smartphones and tablets.

HD Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds for Desktop

Here I have attached some examples of Psychedelic wallpapers and Trippy wallpapers in this post which has been taken from different sources. In order to download an image, click on it, right-click on that wallpapers and select “Save Image as” to store it on your computer. Mobile and tablet users can also follow the same procedure to store them on their device.

Trippy Backgrounds Desktop

Trippy Backgrounds android

Trippy Backgrounds iphone

Trippy Backgrounds iphone 6

Trippy Backgrounds nexus

Trippy Backgrounds mobile

Trippy Backgrounds tablet

Trippy Backgrounds download

Trippy Backgrounds computer

Trippy Backgrounds windows

Download 150+ HD Trippy Backgrounds

The complete list of 150+ wallpapers is uploaded on the Internet as a ZIP archive to download them at once. Follow the below button to download HD Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds ZIP archive. After completing the download process, open the ZIP file and extract all wallpapers into your desktop. Now you can set it on you mobile or computer screen as a background image. So, go ahead download these trippy backgrounds and set them as your wallpaper today.

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Final Words

Hope you’ll like all these given psychedelic backgrounds and trippy backgrounds. I’ll add more psychedelic wallpapers and trippy wallpapers in coming days for your Android and computer. Download now and don’t forget to share them with your friends. If you have any other amazing wallpaper in this category, feel free to share with use. I’ll add them in the next post update.

Image source: Internet

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