Get Google’s Nik Collection Photo Editing Software Free ($150)

Everyone knows about Google. It is the most popular search engine which has many amazing online as well as offline products. Have you ever heard about Nik Collection? It is an amazing photography tool for professional photographers to enhance their photography faster. Nik is a simple but quite powerful to create stunning images. You can easily develop the photos you’ve dreamed with six powerful plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. Previously, Google sold the plugins for a steep $150, but now it is completely free to download. Earlier, Google purchased this software from a Germany. In that time, it was selling at $500 and later went down to $150. But, now the Nik Collection photo editing software is available for free. You can also check our list of best photo editing apps for Android devices.
Google's Nik Collection Photo Editing Software
With this amazing collection of plug-ins, you can add color correction filters to your photographs, retouch photos, add innovative effects, sharpen photos, modify tonality, minimize noise, and much more. The latest version of Nik Collection offers some powerful tools like Analog Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, HDR Efex Pro, Dfine, Color Efex Pro, Viveza, Sharpener Pro.

Analog Efex Pro – Examine the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses.
Silver Efex Pro – Expert the art of black-and-white photography with darkroom-inspired controls.
HDR Efex Pro – From organic to artistic, examine the full possibilities of HDR photography.
Dfine – Enhance your photographs with noise reduction designed to your camera.
Color Efex Pro – A complete set of filters for color correction, retouching, and creative effects.
Viveza – Precisely adjust the color and tonality of your images without challenging masks or selections.
Sharpener Pro – Bring out hidden details continually with the professional’s choice for image improving.

If you have purchased the Nik Collection before this year, you’ll automatically receive a full refund in the next few days. Free software is often welcome since it can help democratize photography tools, but the news has some fans concerned that it may be a sign that these services will be ended soon.
Source: Lifehacker