How to Get Paid Apps for Free without Jailbreak on iPhone or iPad
January 30, 2024

How to Get Paid Apps for Free without Jailbreak on iPhone or iPad


People generally jailbreak their iOS devices without thinking only because of this reason. Jailbroken devices have many advantages such as you can enjoy paid apps absolutely free, but it has some faults also.

The main demerit is you have to void your warranty. Warranty is not an issue for pro users, but a new user like me might face problems.

People spend a lot of money on buying different apps. According to the user requirements, a variety of apps are added daily to the app store. However, it is not possible to grab all these paid apps.

So, this tutorial for those who want to get paid apps for free on iOS devices without jailbreak. However, it not only voids your warranty but also welcomes new malware to your device when you download apps from untrusted sources. Because you don’t know the downloading file is virus-free or not.

Apple’s mobile operating system iOS is known for its best firewall and security. The only motto behind this tutorial to stop people from jailbreaking their device as they can get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iPhone or iPad. And, they could get rid of the security issues.

Download Paid Apps for Free without Jailbreak

If you are aware of jailbreaking, then you should know the benefits and demerits of jailbreak your iPhone. Here I have described different ways to get paid iOS apps for free. Choose the easy way to get your favorite apps without any cost.

Get Paid Apps for Free without Jailbreak

Get Paid Apps Free Daily

There are thousands of websites available on the Internet, that giveaway paid apps daily. Visit these websites and find free apps and download them as quickly as possible. Because these sites offer those apps which are free for a limited period.

Giveawayoftheday and Hungryforapps are the best examples of daily iOS apps giveaway sites. They provide information on a 24 hours basis. In that way, you can download the listed apps without any cost.

This is a legal process because the app developers cut out the app prices for a day or more and then increase them to the original rate. These temporary apps deals are very safe – no worries about malware or fake apps here.

Download Cracked Apps

Cracked apps are the easiest way to avoid jailbreaking and get paid apps for free on iPhone or iPad. Instead of breaking your iOS, crack an app and make it available for free download. If you are not that label of the user, then don’t worry, many sources are available on the Internet for cracked apps.

There are a couple of negative aspects to cracked apps. The first drawback is malware. You can’t say which app contains malware because all apps look the same. An infected app could create a problem and break your device’s security.

Another thing is, every cracked app doesn’t work on all versions of iOS; in particular on the latest one. So, on every firmware update, you need to find out the working version of that app. Because it shouldn’t be available on the app store.

Using a Third-Party App Store

Third-party app stores contain paid apps which are might not be cracked to get paid apps for free without jailbreak on iOS devices. Some of these apps are free and don’t need to be cracked and work well on non-jailbroken devices.

The site owner manually updates these apps to the latest version when they are available on the app store.

I have tried many third-party app stores and hipstore is one of them. Unfortunately, the apps are available on this store are outdated. But, you could try tongbu which is a famous Chinese app store for paid apps as free. Don’t worry about the language. The installed apps look same as the original app on Apple’s app store.

Again, the main drawback of these third-party app stores is the possibility of malware, and there’s no guarantee the app you are downloading is the one you actually want or will work on your device.

Which browser to use while opening Tongbu Website?

I would recommend using Only Safari Browser (Don’t use any other browser) to open Tongbu Website on your Windows device.

Final Words

These are the ways to get paid apps for free without jailbreak and computers on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. I have not listed the links of cracked app stores because they might cause problems on your device. But, if you really want them then feel free to comment below.

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