How to Get New Logo Google Search Bar on Android (4.1+)

On September 1, Google introduced a new logo and icon. The new logo is designed with 4 colors, which includes blue, green, red and yellow. People are now loving this newly designed logo. Now this logo is everywhere, even on the Android smartphone.

After the new logo update, Google has started to update the products with the new “G” Google Icon. Many high-end devices have already pushed this update on Google Play Store, with a new version 5.2.33. This new app is available for Android version 4.1+ users. If you do not get the update yet, then follow the below steps to get new logo Google search bar on Your Android smartphone.

How to Get New Logo Google Search Bar?

Get New Logo Google Search Bar on Android
1) Open Play Store app on your phone.
2) Go to “My Apps” section.
3) Here you’ll see an update for Google. Just tap on the Update button to update it to the latest version.
4) After updated, it’ll show automatically on the search bar with the new logo.

If your phone is running on 4.1+ and still you are not able to update the app, then you can download from the below link.

Google Search App (Android 4.4+)
Google Search App (Android 4.1+)

This file is around 33MB. Once download, install it on your phone and get new logo Google search bar.