Get 30GB Free Cloud Storage for Lifetime

Cloud storage is the efficient way to store your digital data online in a secure space. In our daily life, we make many mistakes. Sometimes due to your mistake or any hardware or software problem, you face data loss situations. Backup is the way to secure your digital device’s data like, mobile, computer, etc.
Free Cloud Storage
However, it is always not possible take the backup device with you. That’s why we use cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc. like online services. Every cloud service is good, but they provide very low storage capacity for free users. And, if you are paying for storage, that doesn’t mean it is free for the lifetime. You have to pay for regular basis; it may be monthly or annum.

How to Get 30GB free Cloud Space?

Everyone knows about cnet. It is a famous American Media Company which publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and electronic devices.

With the partnership with Pogoplug (A popular cloud storage service), cnet is offering 30GB of free cloud storage for its customers. Pogoplug cloud storage is a best solution to store your files like photos, videos, music, etc.
Free Cloud Storage
Click here to go to the Pogoplug’s free space registration page. Put your email id, password, accept terms and conditions and click on “Sign Up” button to create a free account for you. After registration, verify your account buy going to your email account.

In this way, you can get 30GB free cloud storage for life time. Pogoplug application is also available for Android and iOs devices. By installing the application you can directly backup your images and videos on your device to cloud.