How to Get 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage

Those who took benefits of the same Google marketing last season can delight as they are welcome to grab up this season’s marketing as well. There’s not sure on when this 2GB provide will end, but you have at least 7 days to finish the security checkup.
Get 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage
You’ll need to ensure your backup information, including contact number, restoration current email address, and backup protection question. These areas must be filled out for this portion of the security checkup to be considered complete.

Now you’ll be able to look at the linked gadgets that lately signed-in to your account. This next area might be an extended one if you’ve used Google to log into many gadgets or sites. This is the end of the security checkup if you are not using two-step verification.
Get 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage
After completing, you’ll see a “Nicely done” web page fill, with the concept that 2 GB of Google Drive space will be rewarded with your account to enjoy Safer Internet Day. Be hurry, and get your free cloud space now!
Via: cnet