How to Freeze any iPhone or iPad with a Blank Text
January 30, 2024

How to Freeze any iPhone or iPad with a Blank Text


If you send that evil message to your friend your friend’s iPhone or iPad will get frozen for 15-30 seconds. What you have to do, just send this message again and again, and your friend couldn’t be able to use that phone. If he/she tries to restart the device, the messages still come to the gadget after turning on. Suppose your phone is locked, then the touch screen works perfectly, but when you try to unlock it, it gets frozen.

iPhone Prank to Crash any iPhone or iPad

There are two methods to freeze an iPhone or iPad. The first method is fast and harmless and the second one is powerful and dangerous. This can only crash an iPhone having iOS 10.0 or higher. If your friend has an earlier version of iOS, then probably this prank is not going to work for you.
Freeze any iPhone or iPad with a Blank Text I recommend you to use the first method. If you use the second one, then the victim’s phone is going to be frozen for a longer time. The best thing about this trick is you can also send this message from an Android device, and it doesn’t affect an Android device.

In order to freeze any iPhone or an iPad visit to the Freeze Text Website and select the text type. When you tap on the link, it’ll open in the message app. Now send it to your victim’s phone. The phone will be frozen instantly for few seconds. You can send it again and again to keep this method working. The message contains some blank spaces along with “BLAKE” text. It is totally harmless and doesn’t do any damage.

The second method is more dangerous than the first one. The second message has some unrecognized characters along with the same “BLAKE” text. It takes more longer time to unfreeze the phone. The messages will be very very slow. You have to delete the entire messages in order to run your phone as usual. If your screen is off, then it will take more time to wake the screen.

These two iPhone prank messages will not affect any application. They only slow down the phone’s performance. There are also some quick fixes available on this website to recover your iPhone. Just tap on the fix link and your phone will get normal.

Why iPhone Crash Prank Freeze your Phone?

When you use a bug in the Message app, it will try to load a big volume of data that causes the system failure. However, the text is very complex for the system and causes a CPU typical and freezing the app. If you close the app and try to reopen it, iOS will try to reload the past message but can’t because it’s the bug and the system can’t deal with it effectively.

This was the prank to freeze any iPhone or iPad with a blank text. Always try the first method, because the second one will take more time to recover. If you have an Android device, then you can also make some fun with you friends having an iPhone. If you like this trick, then do share with your buddies.

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