FamilyTime: Complete Parental Monitoring App for Android

Just as in reality, the digital world has both perks and perils; it has the light of knowledge, socialization, entertainment, etc. and the darkness of cyberbullying, sextortion, catfishing, etc. all together. So it is parents’ responsibility to lead them to the path of light with their training, parental role, and friendly relation.

We all know that for kids, fun is the priority. At the same time understand that kids can not choose the right option for their safety and amusement. In this scenario, you can’t leave them alone to do experiments and risk their well-being. Of course, you can’t spy on them because this is unethical so the best approach to keep an eye on them and make them take the right decision, you can use parental controls for your kid’s digital activities. There is a bundle of parental control applications that help parents monitor their kid’s activities and take control. FamilyTime – Android parental monitoring app is one such example.

FamilyTime Parental Control App for your Kids & their Android Devices

FamilyTime – Android parental monitoring app
It’s a complete parental control app with a bunch of monitoring features. With the app in hand parents can:

1. Monitor Text: Parents can easily monitor all of the received and sent text messages of your kid with the help of this smart parental monitoring app. They can read all of such messages and easily establish an opinion about their smartphone usage. If you reach the conclusion, that they are using their freedom with responsibility, you can let them use their phones; otherwise, you can take any corrective action.

2. Monitor Social Media and Phone use: However, teens love social media apps more than the basic cell phone texting. Parents can be aware of the WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook mania which has driven their kid totally mad. Using the app they can see what apps their kids use and how long they stay glued to these. Not only this, the web monitoring feature of the app enables parents to see what forums their kid has signed up with.

3. Monitor Call Logs: Being a parent, you are not wrong if you want to know whosoever calls your kid and who your kid calls occasionally or frequently. I will call it due diligence and smart parenting. FamilyTime is a reliable Android phone monitoring app that will help you a lot with this. You can also get access to their contacts and see if there is any suspicious stranger there. Being a parent, you are certainly aware of your teen’s limited social circle, and you can identify an outsider easily if still, there is some confusion, you can watchlist the contact and get notified every time either party makes the contact.

4. Monitor Internet Use: Living in the 21st century, you would be aware of the fatality of the Internet. While the internet is a miracle which can provide them with any type of information, anywhere and anytime they need, it is fully capable of spoiling your kid as well. There are loads of websites over the internet which are spreading age restricted content, nd you do not want your kid to see it. With FamilyTime you can see what sites your kid’s visit and monitor what’s saved in their Bookmarks or favorites.

5. Control Device Access: Once you monitor how they use their device, you can take control of their activities too. For instance, with the app, you can block unwanted apps, and lock their device remotely.

That’s pretty much about the use of Android parental monitoring app. But FamilyTime is an exception as it offers many other features for location tracking, limiting screen time, teen drive safety and improved connectivity. To see the features yourself visit the app store on your phone to download the app for free.

MonitoringLeads to safe digital exposure. So, don’t waste any more time and secure your kid in the digital environment too.

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