Know Your Friend’s Lover Name with Fake Love Calculator Prank

If you love technology, then you should try the best WIFI apps for rooted Android phones to play with a public WIFI network. I don’t know, how a love calculator works, but there are many apps and online tools available on the Internet to calculate the love percentage in between you and your partner. You just need to put your name and your partner’s name to calculate the percentage. Many love couples try these tools a lot. So, this is very easy to fool them.

What is Love Calculator Prank?

As I said before, people try these things a lot. This is an online tool that lets you prank with your friends to know their crush name. You can easily make fun with this fake love calculator trick. When you send a link to your friend by saying, this is love a love calculator and calculates the accurate percentage of your love. In most cases, people don’t think twice and put the name of their crush, and they become a fool. The fake love calculator instantly sends that name along with your friend’s name to your email address. That’s it.
Fake Love Calculator Prank You can share your unique link to your friends by Email, Facebook, Whatsapp or whatever you want. This is a free tool and takes only 5 seconds to create an account. An account helps you to see the fooled friends list and their lovers in future. So, let’s start the prank game.

How to Make Fun with Fake Love Calculator Prank

Follow these simple steps to create an account and make fun with your friends with the fake love calculator. So, let’s get started.

1) At first, go to the Love Calculator Prank website

2) This is a straightforward website. Just put your Name, Email ID and any Password of your choice. After that, click on the “Create Link” button. It’ll give you a unique link. The best part of this tool is, you don’t need to verify your email address. In that case, you can also use any temporary email website for registration.

3) If you are on your smartphone, then tap on the Whatsapp button to directly share this link with your friends or groups. Or, you can also share it with your Facebook friends. That’s it.

Note: You have to convince your friends that, “It’s a Real Love Calculator, which generates accurate love score between you and your partner easily.” It totally depends on your messaging skill. You can also use a URL shortener tool to hide the real link. This trick worked a lot for me.

As soon your friend opens your link, and enter his/her name and Partner’s Name, your Work is done! You will get both names via Email instantly. You can also check those names on the login page. Your friend will also get a message that, you have pranked him. So, he/she can also prank with other, and the prank procedure goes on.

This was the trick on how to know your friend’s lover name with fake love calculator prank. This tutorial and website are only for fun purpose. This trick totally depends on your convincing nature. In most cases, this method works well. Try your luck and share with your friends.

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