Duta Whatsapp Bot : Send Message to Groups in Your Absence
February 2, 2024

Duta Whatsapp Bot : Send Message to Groups in Your Absence

Whatsapp is the ultimate instant messaging app has a lot of features to communicate with friends and family. It allows you to create groups to start a conversion in between a group of friends. In every group, there is an admin (the manager of the group) and members. Admin has the responsibility to send messages on the daily basis to make to the group active. Suppose, you are busy at your work and unable to send messages; in that case, your group members might be unhappy that you created a group and not updating it regularly.

What is Duta WhatsApp Bot Service

Duta WhatsApp Bot Service

Duta Whatsapp Bot Service is the solution to keep engaged to your groups. It has made by some Indian developers. By adding a number in your group, you’ll get daily updates from various categories like latest news, sports, entertainment, devotional, finance, quizzes, and games, etc. Is not it amazing? This automatically sends messages and pictures on the daily basis. You can also control the category by simple commands. Like +jokes to activate jokes service in your group and -jokes to deactivate it.

Duta is currently India’s fastest growing startup and an emerging international media company, serving millions of subscribers around the world. We deliver breaking news, up to the minute sports, the most recent entertainment news, engaging interactive services and devotional content via favorite mobile messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram. We’re well financed by VCs who were first stage investors at famous brands face-book, Lyft, and Snapdeal. Our leadership team contains powerful, experienced tech entrepreneurs. Duta™ is headquartered in Silicon Valley and Chennai, together with newsrooms in the USA, India, and Spain.

How to Activate DUTA WhatsApp BOT in your Phone

Duta provides so many services and all of the services are listed on their website. You just need to follow the below simple steps to successfully activate on your group.

whatsapp bot number

1) First visit on duta.in

2) Here you’ll get the complete tutorial to activate different services on your groups.

3) Just download and add this number to your Whatsapp group and you are done!

Duta WhatsApp Bot Number

If you are new to this service, then you can create a new group and add +919042003475 number in that group. Don’t forget to save this number as Duta in your phone before adding it. The other WhatsApp Bot Numbers are,

Cricket +917550039256
Football +919042017042
WWE +919043014689
Sports +919043009603
NBA +919043015404
Tennis +919840968873
FormulaOne +919042009640
Chess +917845095818
Hindi cricket +917397677253
Tamil cricket +919282200494
Malayalam cricket +919043018652
Kabaddi +919043012868
Hockey +917397678331
Rugby +917397695775

News +919042016146
World News +919789988665
Tech +919043008794
समाचार (Hindi News) +917200092878
Trump +917550024573
செய்திகள் (Tamil News) +919042015383

Bollywood +917550040632
Hindi Bollywood +917397695328
Hollywood +917338876077
Kollywood (Tamil) +919043002720
Jokes +917200059276
Fashion +917397668213
Deals +919043011520
Trivia +919042009367
Advice +917550066468
Daily Quote +919042010541

Modi +917550036329
Salman +919043016602
SRK +919003049036
Aamir +919043014205
Hrithik +917550076318
Sunny Leone +917550042054
Anushka +917397684074
Deepika +917550011399
Katrina +919043013855
Priyanka +917550048215

For faster service, add +919042009059 to your group. ????To play, type game name into your group, e.g. jumble

Shirdi Sai Baba +917550058739
Vivekananda +919043015220
Quran +919042009179
Gita +917845093973
Gurugranth +917397690054
Ramayana +917397670097
Balaji +917550041428
Ganesha +919043014049
Bible +917397675583
Jain +917397685699
Panchang +919003028915
Dalai Lama +919043015239
Gandhi +919840298770

This was all about Duta WhatsApp bot service. Your group members can also request a service. It is an amazing service to get messages automatically, by without managing manually. Try it today and don’t forget to share your opinions about it.

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