How to Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark

You can’t use others’ images without their permission. For that reason, stock images came into existence. You can use them for any personal or commercial purpose without giving credit to the original owner.

For your project, you can hire a photographer to shoot your required photos or can buy stock images from others. A stock photo is an electronic photograph, that can be used for creative or business purposes. There are also some websites available on the Internet that provide free stock images.

But, if you need more creative images for your work, then Shutterstock is the best place for you. Today I will share with you the trick to free download Shutterstock images without watermark. The best part is all these images can be downloaded for free of cost.

Let’s dive in and get to know these tricks.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is an international company that has developed the most significant and most vibrant two-sided industry for innovative specialists in licensing content – including images, videos, and music.

How to Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark

As well as it is the world’s largest platform offering stock photos, royalty-free images, and vectors.

Its well known to all of us that at present, Shutterstock is very much popular as a stock photo website all over the world. Speaking about statistics, this website currently holds over 300 million images in its servers and still counting.

You can download Shutterstock images for free, but they come with a watermark. To remove the watermark, you have to pay for that photo.

Shutterstock preserves a collection of over 50 million royalty-free stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations, and 2 million video clips. This is the best place you grab your desired image for any purpose.

Why Shutterstock Image

Shutterstock is one of the most popular and reliable stock image site which is now very much trending over the internet. And if you are also looking for some images for your event, blog or any website then you can surely lookout for this website.

This website features a wide range of categories in both images and video, so obviously it provides the right kind of variety for you to choose from. Again if you see to it yourself then you will definitely be getting the image which you are searching.

So this is the reason why you should look for stock pictures and images in Shutterstock Website.

Is Shutterstock Free to Use?

I want to make it very much clear that Shutterstock is not a Free Platform. So it does not provide any kind of images for free.

For Downloading Images from this website you need to subscribe to their plans, after which only you can become eligible to download Shutterstock images without watermark freely.

What Types of Images are Uploaded on Shutterstock Website?

Many different types of images are daily uploaded on the Shutterstock website. It includes illustration, graphic design, background images, vectors images, raw photographs, music, and footage. Around more than 1 lakh images are uploaded daily on this website.

Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark

Using this method, one can easily download Shutterstock images without a watermark for free.

Step #1. First of all, you need to choose an image that you have decided to download from the Shutterstock Website.

Step #2. After that, you have to Copy the URL from the browser.

Step #3. Then proceed to the website

Step #4. Here you have to search for the Find Stock Menu, and then you need to open it.

Step #5. In front of you, there lies a field, where you need to paste that link which you had copied before i.e. Shutterstock link

Step #6. Upon pasting the link, the image will appear in front of you, then just click the download link, and your image will get downloaded.

In a matter of time, your desired Stock image will be download automatically into your gallery. If the above Shutterstock free download trick doesn’t work for you, then there is another one.

Download Shutterstock Images for Free without Watermark

If you do not get suitable and attractive for your work, then you should try this process on how to get Shutterstock images for free without watermark.

There is an online tool that allows you to download free images from Shutterstock in JPG format.

Download Shutterstock Images for Free without Watermark

There is an online tool called, that allows you to download Shutterstock images at a very cheap price. You can check the above image for reference. If you are a blogger, with the spend of only $2.99, you can download 1000 images daily for a month.

Is not this a great deal. Don’t forget to check out the above link.

How to download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark online

So you definitely want to download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark online, I can see that. Yes, you can do that for free also.

The thing is you can download only 10 images per month using the free trial package. Yes, it’s a purely a legal and legit way to download free stock images.

Lets look at the procedure and allow me to explain steps by steps as to how you can download images free from Shutterstock online.

Steps to download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark online

Lets discuss the steps as to how you can download the images for free online.

Step #1. First you need to dive into the Official Website of Shutterstock Images Online.

Step #2. Now before us, the official Shutterstock Site will get open in front of us.

Step #3. Now, we need to Signup and Click on the “Start a Free trial Button”

Step #4. Then, you need to choose the image which you want to download and In Billing, time use Promo Code “PICK10FREE” .

Step #5. But please keep in mind that, one can only download 10 images WITHOUT the watermark for free online.

Again, you have cancel the subscription package in the starting of the month, so as to avoid paying the hefty subscription charges.

Pro Tip :- If the above site is not working or you have some other issue arising then you can use another such website to download ShutterStock Images For Free.

Use Watermark Removal Tools For Shutterstock Free Images

The watermark removal tool is another great option to get the Shutterstock image without a watermark. Watermark removal tools remove the watermark from any image in a few seconds. They are simple to use.

But finding the right watermark removal tool is a hard job. Sometimes you land on some fakes website which can steal your information. So be aware when you use such kinds of tools.

Most of the watermark removal tools are free. They don’t charge anything to remove the watermark because they earn money through ads. The quality of the image depends on the websites.

Some website gives high-quality image after the Shutterstock image watermark removes but there is a possibility that they can charge for it.

Alternative Websites for Free Shutterstock Images Download

When you need royalty-free images for download, you have to pay a significant amount for Shutterstock membership. But this is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to pay a significant amount for just a few photos. That’s why people always search for free sources to get their work done.

Web pages that contain good images get a better engagement as well as social shares. There are few quality websites available on the internet which provide a high-quality royalty-free image.

These pictures come in the public domain or are licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used without any copyright issue. Let’s have a look at some of the best Shutterstock alternatives.

1. (Pixabay)

This is my favorite website that I always use to create contains for my blogs and videos. All the images on Pixabay are available under the CC0 license.

You can search your pictures by applying different filters like size, category, color, and much more. You can also download royalty-free videos on this website. If you are a smartphone user, then you can download images by using their free Android and iOS app.

2. (Pexels)

All photos on Pexels are licensed under CC0. That means the pictures are entirely free to be used for both personal and commercial use. It has over 30,000+ free stock photos, and all images are high-quality. This is also the best Shutterstock alternative you can try.

3. (Unsplash)

You can use all pictures of Unsplash without giving credit to the owner. It is started in 2013 as a simple Tumblr blog, Unsplash has grown into an industry-leading digital photography community.

By subscribing to the email newsletter you’ll get ten photos in your inbox every ten days. All images are under the CC0 license which means they are in the public domain and you are free to use them in any way you like.

4. (StockSnap)

It is the best place on the Internet to download beautiful free stock images. All the photos are of the highest quality and highest resolution. You can use them in your project or online work without any copyright issues.

5. (Picjumbo)

Are you looking for high-resolution royalty-free images for your blog? If yes, here, you’ll find exceptionally high-quality photos for your personal and commercial use. The site owner himself has shot the pictures, and all the demands in return is proper attribution.

Do Shutterstock Images expire?

No Shutterstock Images don’t expire if you have purchased the licenses to use them. As there is no time frame for using these images. You can use them based on your usability. Please note that with a Standard Image License, you can store those images for your own use.

How can I download Shutterstock without paying?

You can easily download Shutterstock without paying by following the above-mentioned methods.

Can you use Shutterstock images without paying?

Yes if you purchase the subscription of Shutterstock or use a premium account then you can use these images without paying anything. This is because you have already paid the amount. Also, you need to know that Shutterstock is actually a royalty-free image and video website so there will be no claim of any kind in the future. Only paying a single fee you may be able to use these Shutterstock images without paying.


This was the tutorial on how to download Shutterstock images for free without watermark. You guys need to do it carefully and make sure that you don’t violate any copyright rules of Shutterstock.

However, I recommend you to use the free website to download Shutterstock-like images without a watermark.

This is only a trick about Shutterstock free images download website, to download unlimited Shutterstock images freely, but only use them for personal use. If you like the article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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