How to Delete TikTok Drafts

If you don’t want to add up your TikTok drafted videos, then you should definitely be thinking of some way to delete these draft videos from TikTok permanently.

In such a case, it’s our responsibility to guide you in deleting TikTok draft videos from the TikTok app. If you are also in search of such ways, then you should definitely try our ideas once.

How to Delete TikTok Drafts

Let’s not deviate from our mission to delete drafts on TikTok.

What is a TikTok Draft Video?

TikTok Draft Video is just like any other drafted video. But since these draft videos are created in TikTok app, that is why these videos are called TikTok draft videos.

TikTok Platform provides a unique feature to its content creators, i.e of drafting videos. Through this feature, creators can shoot the video and can save it as a draft on the platform itself. These draft videos can be edited later and be published, or you can delete them also.

Do TikTok Drafts Take Up Storage?

Yes. Before publishing a video on TikTok, it stores all of the drafts locally (on your phone memory). That’s why if you are not planning to upload those videos, then better delete them.

Please check out how to delete TikTok account permanently.

How to Delete TikTok Draft Video

Let’s discuss the way by which you can delete TikTok draft video permanently.

1. First of all, you have to open your TikTok app and log in to your account.

2. Then you have to click on the “Me” tab. Clicking it, all your recorded videos will be in front of you.

3. If you want to delete the draft video, then you have to select that video.

4. For choosing the draft video, you need to press that video for some time.

5. As you press for some time, you can see a “Delete Draft” button will appear down. You can click on it and delete your draft video permanently.

If you follow each and every step properly, then you can easily delete the draft video from TikTok.

How to Delete All Tiktok Drafts at Once?

Unfortunately, there is no option on TikTok to delete all drafts at once. You have to delete all of your drafts one by one manually.

Why Users Delete their TikTok Draft Videos?

There may be many reasons why users want to delete their draft videos.

1. The first reason is its due to removing the unwanted video

It may happen that content creators had made a video previously, but later, they have made a better video than the previous one. So in such a situation, they no longer wish to keep the last video draft. Hence they want to delete it permanently.

2. The second reason is due to a similar kind of videos

Sometimes we create multiple videos of the same content to keep the best one among it. And if we get our required video from those videos, then we no longer need to keep all those similar videos. So we need to delete them fully.

3. The third reason is due to securing the privacy of videos

Its well knew to all of us that when we draft a video on TikTok, then by default, this video is public. So chances are there it might be visible to others also. So it’s better to remove or delete the draft videos completely.

Why Did My Drafts Deleted on Tiktok?

If you clear the data of TikTok or log out from your account then all of your saved drafts will be deleted. So, before performing any of these actions, publish your pending videos.

What Will Happen to Tiktok Draft Videos If You Delete Tiktok?

If you delete your TikTok App, then your privately saved videos or draft videos will be gone forever from the TikTok servers.

So in the future, if you want to log into your same account, then only the posted or published videos will be there on your account. But the private or drafted videos will be permanently deleted and also cannot be recovered.

If You Delete The Tiktok App, Will All My Videos Be Deleted?

If you delete TikTok App, then only your draft videos will be deleted, which are not published yet in your account. However, the rest of all other videos will be there in your TikTok Account.

Will the Draft Videos Also Get Deleted if You Delete Tiktok Cache?

If you have deleted your TikTok cache, then draft videos will not be deleted from your account. Only the cache will get deleted. However, the deleting account actually deletes the draft videos from your TikTok account.


I guess till now, you must have an idea as to “How to delete TikTok draft videos permanently”. Just by following the steps which I have mentioned above, a user can easily delete the draft video from TikTok.

If you think you know some other ways to delete the video from the TikTok draft, then please comment on it below. We will definitely try to add it to our article.

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