How to Delete TikTok Comments

Can you delete a TikTok comment? If you want to delete your comments on TikTok, then here is the complete guide for you.

Yeah, you got it right, the functions here in this platform are so much easy to learn and apply. Speaking about one such function is commenting on the TikTok videos. Do you know how to delete a TikTok comment?

Like any other platform here in TikTok also users can easily make a comment, edit it, or else can also delete it if they need to. But here in the article, we will be discussing how to delete your TikTok comment seamlessly?

Curious about knowing?

Let’s dive in and find out yourself!

What is a Tiktok Comment?

Tiktok Comment is just like any other comment that the users do in any other user’s TikTok videos. It’s basically the emotions written in words or in the form of a comment.

How to Delete TikTok Comment

Tiktokers in order to show their emotions use to speak out whether they like the video or not. Using the TikTok comments they are able to do it. Reading these comments the video creator gets to know whether his/her contents are good or he/she needs to improve it.

How to Delete a TikTok Comment

Here we will get to know how to delete a comment on TikTok. Before that, you need to be very much clear that once a user comments on something or his comment gets posted then it cannot be edited further but yes he can delete it.

Deleting a comment on TikTok is very simple following some steps. Let’s discuss more it.

1. First, you need to open your Tiktok App.

2. And once it’s done you need to open that video where you have commented.

3. Here you have to open the TikTok comment thread which has the comment done by you and which you wish to delete permanently.

4. Then you have to tap on that comment and hold it. And holding it opens up a warning popup that has copy and deletes options.

5. If you want to delete that comment then you need to select the delete option and upon confirmation, it gets deleted.

Please note that you can only delete comments you have made, but you cannot delete other users’ comments.

Why do users Comment on TikTok?

Users Comment on TikTok because they want to share their feeling about the contents and TikTok commenting is the only way available on this platform.

Sometimes comments motivate content creators in making more good TikTok videos for their users. So I guess we as viewers should definitely be commenting on TikTok videos.

How to Delete Someone’s Comment on TikTok?

If you wish to delete others’ comments on TikTok then I must say that you won’t be able to delete comments made by other users on the platform.

As there is no such provision made by their developers. Only we can delete our own comments which we have made on this platform. As of now, there is no such way present to delete others’ comment on TikTok.

Why do users want to Delete their Comments on TikTok?

Many times it so happens that as a user we do mistakes in comments on other users’ videos. And if the sense differs then we do feel the need for editing it. But since we have already published the comments, as a result, there is no chance that we can edit it anymore.

So here deleting the TikTok comments remains the only choice before us. Again sometimes in a hurry, we do mistakes while commenting so in that case also we have to delete our own comments in TikTok.

How to Delete All TikTok Comments?

If as a user you want to delete TikTok comments all at a time then I must say that you cannot do that. Comments cannot be deleted in bulk on TikTok platform, but instead, the user has to delete those comments one at a time.

There is no other way to use which you can delete all the comments at a time. But I guess the TikTok developers might be presenting some such updates in the near future which will allow us to delete our comments all at a time. For now, there is no such feature present on the TikTok platform.

How to Delete My TikTok Comment?

If you want to delete your own TikTok comment, then you need to follow the exact steps which are already mentioned above in this article.


I guess this guide has given you a way to “how to delete TikTok comment”. Just by following the steps which I have mentioned above a user can easily delete a comment on TikTok.

If you think you know some other ways to delete your comment on TikTok then please comment about it below. We will definitely try to add it to our article.

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