How to Create Your Own App Store for Android
February 1, 2024

How to Create Your Own App Store for Android

Play Store consists of lists featuring top apps in each category, including Top Free, Top Paid, Top Grossing, Trending Apps, Top New Free, Top New Paid, Featured (a list of new apps selected by the Google Play team), Editors Choice (a lists of apps considered the best of all the time), Top Developer (a list of apps made by developers considered the best). It is very easy to download and install so many apps by searching and browsing through the above categories. If you already know the name of the app you are looking for to download into your device you can search it rather than browsing through app categories.

How Does Google Play Store Work?

You can simply type the name of the app you are looking for in the search box and tap search icon on your keyboard after that read through the description and reviews of the app to ensure the app seems right for you and then tap install button. The app will download and install itself usually in a few seconds depending on how large or small the app is.

Apps need updates from time to time, and when the developers add some new features to the apps then to get access to those new features into your previously downloaded app, it is necessary to update that app. You can quickly update all the apps on your device from the play store and for that tap on the Google Play icon on your home screen then tap three-line menu icon presents at the upper left corner of the screen from their tap “My apps and games”. App needing updates will appear at the top of the list, tap the app you want to update then you will see two options update and uninstall; just tap on the update, and that’s all.

How to Create Your Own Android App Store?

To create your own App Store like the Google one, you need a third-party app called “Aptoide”. It is the best way to create the list of your favorite apps according to their category for your readers or friends. Let’s check it out.

Why Should You Use Aptoide?

You might be thinking, if there is an inbuilt app store available on your Android phone, then why should you use Aptoide to create an app store? There are few but quality reasons you should have a third-party app store on your device. Let’s talk about these points.

1# Almost All Apps are Available
Unlike the Play Store, it has all apps available for download which are not available in Google Play Store. Some popular apps like Lucky Patcher, TubeMate and so many apps not available in Play Store and we prefer other sites to download them. But, you can easily get them on Aptoide.

2# All Versions are Available
Sometimes, you face a problem with the latest version of an app which was working fine on the earlier version. If you don’t have the backup, then you can’t restore to the older version. Well, you’ll not face this problem with Aptoide. You can easily download the latest as well as the older versions of an app or game.

3# Share Your Apps over WiFi
You don’t need any third-party app to share your installed apps. Here you can share your installed apps with multiple users by using your WiFi. You just need to create a group using your hotspot and let your friends to join there. After that, you can send your apps with your multiple friends.

How to Create Own Android App Store with Aptoide?

If you are a blogger or Internet marketer and want to share your favorite apps with your readers or friends, then you can easily create an app store using the Aptoide app. You can also use your browser to do this same. You just need to create a store, then start uploading the apps which you are using.
How to Create Your Own App Store 1) First of all, you need to download Aptoide from here.

2) Install it on your Android device and Create an account.

3) Verify your account using your email id.

4) After that, navigate to “Stores” tab and tap on “Create Account”.

5) Here fill all the required information and tap on “Create Store” button. That’s it.

To upload apps to your store, you just need to download “Aptoide Uploader”. You’ll get the download link on your store page. If you have a PC, then you can do the same with your computer’s browser or directly upload from the Dropbox.

I recommend you to use the computer to edit the details of the app and to modify your store. But, the Aptoide Uploader is better to upload your installed apps. Here you can see and upload your installed app in just one tap.

This was the tutorial on how to create your own app store for Android devices. The procedure to create your own Android app store with Aptoide is super easy. But, if you are facing any issue or want to know more regarding this app, then feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to follow our TechZac store on Aptoide for useful apps I am using on my Android phone.

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