How to Create Microsoft Account with Easy Steps
January 31, 2024

How to Create Microsoft Account with Easy Steps

Why we need a Microsoft account?

Most of you use Microsoft’s Operating system on your PC, Laptops and Smartphone. Its latest version of operating system needs a registry account for updates and software. If you do not have a Microsoft account, then you do not get the facility. Not only the purpose of operating system but also when you try to access any Microsoft web or online service you need to go through the Microsoft account.For example, when you register a OneDrive account, you have to register using your Microsoft account. Not only the OneDrive there are so many such applications and web services are available in the market that can only access by Microsoft Account. So why we don’t create a new Microsoft account?

How create a Microsoft account?

To create a new Microsoft account to need to go through the following steps:
1) Go to and click the link “Sign Up New” button.
Create Microsoft Account
2) Fill all the boxes, including your phone number.
3) To fill the user name box you have to enter the new name which you want to create the email adders with either or
Create Microsoft Account
4) After filling, all the boxes, click on the “Create account” button. Now your new email Microsoft email address is being created.

Create Microsoft Account with Existing Email

If you are using other mail service like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. and don’t want to create a new email id, then you can create Microsoft account with existing email address.

1) Go to and fill your details.
2) In the User name field, put your existing email id.
Create Microsoft Account
3) After filling all details, click on “Create account” button. That’s it.


This is a simple thing most of you know the step and not need to guide. However, we found that so many people at Google are searching for how to create Microsoft account that is why today we post about this simple and easy topic for help those people.

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