[Giveaway] CrazyTalk 7 Facial Animation Software License for Free

Do you want to make facial animation, but don’t know how to start, then here is a great opportunity for you. Reallusion is giving away the most popular facial animation software CrazyTalk 7 for free. You can convert your voice and text to a vivid facial expression with different characters. You can also make your image as an animated video. Is not this amazing? The best thing is, you don’t need any special training to operate this software. One can easily make facial animations like playing a game. It will take few minutes to produce your own video for presentation or youtube.

With this innovative Auto Motion engineering, you just need to import images, identify the facial function points and record your own speech to generate lip-syncs to create 3D life-like, speaking videos instantly.

CrazyTalk 7 Facial Animation Software Features

CrazyTalk 7 Facial Animation Software
It has a lot of auto motion design templates found in the content-rich resource library, or use highly effective facial puppeteering instruments to create specialized animations with no prior knowledge. Let’s know about its features.

1) Turn any Image into a Speaking Head: Import any image from your local drive to turn it into a live animation. It can instantly remove the background to fit it with any other background. It can make your still images to real 3D like images.

2) Auto-lipsync with your Own Voice: Record and import your voice to put it with any character you like. The sound lip-syncing engine animates character’s lips with the built-in phoneme library that differentiates a broad range of vocals. You can also add special effects to your voice to match with the character.

3) Text to Speech: This is the best feature I like about this software. If you don’t want to record your voice, just write your words in a document and it will instantly convert them into real voices. The male and female voice looks pretty much natural.

4) Auto Motion Technology: This function examines the tones in your speech to the auto-generate head and facial motions while you apply various styles to any voice situation to adjust the durability, limit, the level of smoothness and spring effect.

5) Customized Facial Puppeteering: Use a mouse or handheld system to puppet your character in real-time to set a character. Choose specific face muscle tissue to control, create expression and head motions while you history live.

6) Rich-Content Library: The rich content library manages everything. It contains different characters, expressions, voices, effects, backgrounds and much more. Your every requirement are available here to use on your animation.

7) Timeline Editing and Refinement: Like a professional software, it has the timeline feature. You can easily manipulate your actions into a different sequence of time and also can cut, copy, break, loop and speed functions.

8) Multiple Output Formats: After making your facial animation, you can export it into different video as well as image formats. It supports full HD video export, and I think it is very useful for YouTube and presentations.

Get CrazyTalk 7 Standard License for Free

This is a limited time giveaway. You just only need an account to get your license. This package also contains Christmas bonus. Follow the below link to get your license now.

CrazyTalk is the best facial animation software I have ever used. This is best for beginners as well as professionals to make outstanding animation videos without any extra effort. Try this software and share your experience with us.