10 Best Copyscape Alternatives to Check Plagiarism for Free in (2024)
January 31, 2024

10 Best Copyscape Alternatives to Check Plagiarism for Free in (2024)

It is a form of cheating, but a little bit different from the actual meaning of cheating. When you research a topic, you put your hard work, effort, and valuable time to make it more eye catchable. Some lazy people who don’t want to research just try to steal your work and put their own name. This thing is called plagiarism and Copyscape alternatives can detect them.

When you copy something from others it might be texts, images, or videos; you should give the proper credit to the owner of that work. Because you didn’t know that information before it came to the website.

This is not your thought or idea.

A search engine like Google doesn’t behalf of this. If you publish any of the plagiarism content on your website or blog, then Google will push down your site from the search results, and you may lose an enormous amount of traffic. I think no one would like to lose his or her organic traffic.

If you are allowed guest posting on your blog or just hired a writer for your blog, then you should check for plagiarism before publishing the content. Content is the king in content marking, but your content should be original and unique. Plagiarized or copied content can draw a full stop on your online career.

Copyscape : The Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape Alternative to Check Plagiarism

Copyscape is the best free plagiarism tool available online to track your content to being copied. It offers both free and premium services. As a beginner, you can try its free service.

How to check for plagiarism with Copyscape?

On the home page type your article URL and press the Go button. On the next page, you’ll see the pages which have copied texts from your article. You can also check how many texts have been copied from your blog to different sites. Ignore the social networking results in the list.

Copyscape Alternative Checker Tools (2024)

There is no alternative to the best. But in Copyscape, you can’t check texts or documents directly. It only supports URLs to check copied texts. Here I have listed some free alternatives of Copyscape to track your contents.

1. Google

Google is the source of natural traffic to your blog. It indexes each and every line of your article so that you can use it as a plagiarism search tool.

It is also beneficial to check the article manually before publishing it on your blog; especially when you hire a writer for your content. It is the best Copyscape alternative tool to verify the originality of the contents.

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Copy two or three lines from your article and search it on Google. If the texts are copied from another source, then you’ll see those texts in bold letters on the results page. You just need to continue this process for every paragraph.

2. SmallSeoTools

OnlineSeoTools offers a variety of SEO tools for your daily usage. All services are totally free, and Plagiarism Checker is one of them. It is one of the best Copyscape alternatives. It doesn’t require any sign-up to use this tool, and there is no limit.

You can use this amazing tool an unlimited number of times.

Just copy your article and paste it into the text box. Fill out the captcha and hit the “Check For Plagiarism” button. It searches every line of your content and takes a few minutes to complete the search.

You can search up to 1000 words in a single search. If your article is longer than 1000 words, then split it and search again.

3. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is the best alternative to Copyscape to identify content thieves. It is a completely free tool to check for plagiarism. To check your article, either you can upload a Docx or Text file, or you can paste the content in the text box and hit the “Search” button.

It takes a couple of seconds to avail the results, and it depends on the words of your document.

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Without Registration, you can only search once a day. To check for unlimited, just register a free account on Duplichecker. Besides this, it also provides some other free services like SmallSeoTools.

4. Plagiarism-Checker

The Plagiarism-Checker tool’s interface looks like Duplichecker. Either you can put the text in the search box or can upload a text file containing your article. It only supports .txt format files. At a time, you can search up to 1500 words.

This tool compares exactly two contents and shows whether the content is plagiarized or not. You can also check the results directly on Google in where the texts are present.

5. PlagiarismChecker

Plagiarism checker is one of the best Copyscape alternative checkers to check for plagiarism for free. As with other tools, it doesn’t require a Signup, and you can search an unlimited number of texts for an unlimited number of times.

You just need to paste your text on the search box and click on the Search button to search for duplicate content. You can also switch the search engine from Google to Yahoo to check the copied results on the Yahoo search engine.

6. Plagium

Plagium is the best Copyscape alternative in many bloggers’ opinions. In earlier days, it was offering free services, but now it is not totally free. It only offers two trails per day up to 5,000 characters per search.

There are two options quick search and deep search. Deep search is more effective which supports Microsoft Word, PDF or text file uploading. If you are a premium user, then you can also compare two files.

You can also Signup to track your previous plagiarism checks.

7. PlagScan

PlagScan is a completely free online tool to check for plagiarism. It allows the user to upload Word, HTML or Text documents up to 300KB or 1000 words per search.

Just upload a file or paste your content into the text box, verify the captcha and hit the “Start analysis” button to get the results instantly. This is an easy and effective tool to check content theft.

8. Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector supports both document uploading and article submission for checking for plagiarized content. It doesn’t need any registration process to check your article which makes it the best free alternative to the Copyscape website.

The working procedure is different from other tools. It simply converts your article into a number of sentences like SmallSeoTools that you can search each sentence on Google.

There is no word and time limit to use this tool, but you have to search each and every sentence manually which will give you the accurate result of the copied texts.

9. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma offers four ways to check plagiarized contents such as text pasting, URL check, file uploading (Txt, HTML, RTF, Doc, Docx, PDF, ODT) and by downloading the software which is available for Blackberry, Android, and Windows computer users.

The Software makes the user experience much better. It allows three searches a day and supports more than 190 languages. By default, it doesn’t search on the Google database.

By spending $5 per month, you can enjoy the premium membership and check your content instantly by using Chrome and Firefox extensions.

10. Plagtracker

Plagtracker is another alternative to Copyscape which provides the most accurate plagiarism checking service for your content. After putting the text on the box, it takes about 10 seconds to process the results.

It also has a premium service that allows the users to search large files without waiting and file uploading, API access, grammar check, etc. It is the best website for Students, teachers, publishers, and site owners.

Are free Copyscape alternatives any good?

Yes, absolutely these Free Copyscape alternatives do their job up to 90% accurately. But yes, if you want your work to be done 100% accurately then you can opt for Premium Tools Like Grammarly and others.

Are there cheaper and reliable alternatives to Copyscape?

Yes, one such alternative is ProWritingAid. Its actually a good tool for daily use. Again its a Paid Tool but its quite cheap compared to Copyscape.

Is Copyscape a Paid Tool?

Yes, Copyscape is a Paid Tool. You can check for other free alternatives in this blog post.


There are the 10 best Copyscape alternative websites to check plagiarism for free (2024). Try these tools to check your content from being theft. If you are using another tool to track your contents, then feel free to share with us.

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