How to Quickly Convert Scanned PDF Documents to Word

Being at the forefront of the digital evolution undoubtedly has its advantages. One of the biggest is that once complicated processes can now be completed in minutes while saving tons of precious time and money. Compared to the previous generations, we can also sleep better knowing that our most important documents are safely hidden in a remote cloud storage, protected from unwanted access. Looking at it this way, someone would think that we have completely made that crossover to the realm of the digital. But have we?
Convert Scanned PDF Documents to Word
Going paperless. You’ve heard it a million times in the past couple of years, and chances that you are not sure what this term exactly implies are pretty high. The only thing we are sure of is that, despite of all digitization claims, we still have an abundance of paper in our offices. The paper documentation contains almost everything, from bank statements to college essays. We keep them around because we think we can use them (or parts of them) in the future, especially if they contain interesting bits of reusable information.

One of the most popular ways to reuse old paper documents is to scan them and export to PDF, which is arguably the best file format for viewing and storing files. The downside is that they are not editable since the scanned PDF is basically an image based file.

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The way to go about it is to use an Optical Character Recognition tool, which can read the characters from a scanned PDF and convert them to an electronic format, such as MS Word. One of the best free OCR tools on the market is Scanned PDF to Word, by Investintech.

This free online PDF to Word converter can convert both scanned and native PDF files into a fully editable Microsoft Word file. The service doesn’t have any limitations to the file size and conversions are performed in a simple, 3-click process.

How to convert scanned PDF to Word

Convert Scanned PDF Documents to Word 1) Select a PDF you want to convert.
2) Type the email address where you want the converted file delivered.
3) Click “Start” to send the file for conversion.

This is all about how to convert scanned PDF documents to Word. The conversions are usually quick, although there might be a slight delay if there are multiple conversions in queue. Since the tool allows you to edit scanned PDF files, we have to say that this is one of the best tools for the place we are currently at, a crossroad between analogue and digital worlds.