How to Control Android with Face (without Touching It)
January 30, 2024

How to Control Android with Face (without Touching It)

But, the Assistant is not fully functional to operate all tasks. But, the application I am talking about is fully functional and can control your Android phone with your face. Here your nose works like a pointer to detect your face moments. It shows an arrow on your phone which is used to show your facial moments when you move your face Left-right and up-down.

How to Control Android without Touching it?

How to Control Android with Face
Suppose, you are in a situation where you can’t use your hands; in that case, you can use this application to control your Android phone with your face. It doesn’t require special skills to use it like Google’s voice control app. If you might have used it, then you sure know that you can’t use it without a proper voice.

The name of this app is EVA Facial Mouse. This is available as free on Play Store, and it is about 20MB in size. Before going to the procedure install it on your mobile and follow the below procedure.

How to Control Android with Face with EVA Facial Mouse?

How to Control Android without Touching it
When you open it for the first time, it asks you to grant permission on Accessibility. Just tap on the OK button and allow access to make this app usable.

1) On the next step, it shows you the instruction to setup it correctly. Tap on Next, and it’ll ask you to enable “EVA Keyboard” as default keyboard.

2) To do so, go to your phone’s Settings → Language & input → Current Keyboard → Choose Keyboards and enable “EVA Keyboard”.

Note: On the Android 7.1.1, this option is available on Language & input →Virtual keyboard → Manage keyboards and enable it here.

3) On the next screen, it’ll detect your face to run the mouse pointer on your screen. Keep your face straight I a good light condition, which will help you to identify your face quickly.

4) After that, tap on the Next button to setup the pointer speed. By default, it has 8 for both Horizontal and Vertical movements. Change them to 11, or you can set it according to your requirements and tap the Next button.

5) There are a lot of things to configure in order to work this application flawlessly. Set the Button and Scroll Buttons.

6) There are also some limitations like,

  • You can’t use the camera
  • You can’t take incoming calls
  • Most games don’t work
  • Scroll buttons do not always work, etc.

7) Complete all steps till the finished page.

Once you were done, you’ll see a mouse pointer on your screen with a navigation panel on the left-side of the screen. You can use your face with the navigation panel to control your screen as well as different apps. In order to tap on a button or app, you just need to keep the pointer at the same position for a few seconds. That’s it.

You always see an option on the notification panel to start and resume this app. This app uses your front camera to use control your facial moments. If you want to disable this app, simply go to Accessibility Settings and turn off “EVA Facial Mouse” option.

This was the tutorial on how to control Android with face. You can easily use your Android without touching it and you don’t need to learn any special skill for that. If you like this app, please don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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