10 Best Call Blocker for Android (Free and Paid)
January 31, 2024

10 Best Call Blocker for Android (Free and Paid)

Fortunately, we all are lucky that instead of changing our phone numbers, again and again, we also have another simple way to block those unwanted calls on Android devices with the help of third-party apps named “Call Blocker” that should be installed on our smartphones to block the calls and messages permanently from unknown person. In this article, I have listed some best call blocker app for Android phone both in free and paid version.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android 2024

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android 2024

There are plenty of best Call blockers for Android available on Google Play Store which can rescue you from unwanted calls. But it’s hard to choose reliable one that suits your requirements. So I have collected some best call blocker apps for your Android device so that you can easily block unwanted or wrong call and SMS for any number.

1# Calls Blacklist

Best Call Blocker for Android

Calls Blacklist is one of the best free call blocker apps for Android that can easily block calls and messages and does not consume more memory. This app is easy to use, lightweight and provides a wide range of functions. It lets you block specific numbers and block private and unknown numbers by default except for contact. It will also block all calls if you don’t want to receive any call. You can add numbers to block list from call logs, contact, message manually.

You can anytime disable or enable this feature based on your requirements and also the blacklist can be edited easily in order to block the incoming calls seamlessly. This app also has a pro version that extra features like password protection and others.
Download: Google Play Store

2# True Caller

Best Call Blocker app for Android True Caller is the best app to search any mobile number and allows users to block unwanted calls. It claims that it has world’s largest verified number database. This app can trace a number of any Countries and block numbers from unwanted callers and service operator. The application identifies phone number and stops spam calls and messages.

3G and Wi-Fi are required to working with this app. More than just identifying unwanted spam callers and telemarketers, the True caller can also block them, preventing you from being disturbed with unnecessary call rings. It is freely available in Google play store. It is another best call blocker for Android 2024.
Download: Google Play Store

3# Mr. Number

Best Call Blocker for Android 2024

Mr. Number is another best free call blocker for Android device that can help you block unwanted calls, texts, identify and spot spam. It can automatically block private or unknown numbers. With the support of this app, you can also block telemarketer calls and messages from a specific area or block specific numbers, unknown numbers, numbers not in your contacts, all the number in your contacts, etc. This app offers you block up to 20 numbers for free after that you have to purchase the app.

This app block calls and SMS texts from a person, a business, and hidden numbers. Whenever you get a call from an unknown number, it will show that caller’s real name. In the “setting tab,” you can turn the call block on or off anytime.
Download: Google Play Store

4# Call Blocker Free

call blocker free

Call Blocker is one of the most productive apps to prevent unwanted calls or texts developed by NQ Mobile security. It supports a number of language includes English, Chinese, German, Spanish. This app is very light weight and consumes less RAM and less battery. In this app, you can create a blacklist and whitelist to block calls. You can add unwanted numbers to blacklist and add a relevant phone number to your white list so they can always reach you. Call blocker free is an entirely free app with no ads at all. It is one of the best call blocker apps for Android phones.
Download: Google Play Store

5# Safest Call Blocker

Call Blocking app

This best call blocker app for Android is an app which helps you create your own blacklist with ease. It requires no subscription and can help you view the history of call blocked anytime in the blocking log without having to worry about missing important calls or messages. This app is available for free; if you want to get rid of annoying ads then you can buy its premium version. You can easily add numbers to block list from your contacts list or call logs. You can also enable or disable the notification for blocked calls.
Download: Google Play Store

6# Blacklist Plus

Call Blocker blacklist plus

Blacklist Plus is a call and message blocker app for Android. There are three main tabs, which are the blacklist, log, and settings. Blacklist is the menu where you set up the individual numbers you would like to block, while the log records any call and message activity. The settings tab is reserved for the application settings. You can add numbers to the white list or black list of contacts, call logs or manually. It records all call and message blocking activity to a log.

There are several blocking modes available: “Blacklist” that blocks any numbers added to it, “all except whitelist” that blocks all numbers except those added to it, “all except contacts” that blocks all incoming calls and messages, “all numbers” that completely blocks all numbers and “disable” that turns off call blocking. With this app, you can easily hang up any unwanted call or SMS instantly.
Download: Google Play Store

7# Call Control

Top Call Blocker 2024

Call control is another useful and best call blocker for Android that allows you to block the call and texts. Call control is a full-featured blacklist and calls blocker that is easy to use and is used by more than 12 million users from all over the world to block unwanted calls and texts. Simply install this app on your device and then you will be able to blacklist particular number, unknown numbers, private calls and much more.

It gives you the possibility of establishing blacklists and white-lists where you can add the numbers of your choice. It not only blocks spammer calls but it also capable of blocking MMS/SMS. It also supports for call waiting blocking and automatically sends a voice mail for spam calls.
Download: Google Play Store

8# Master Call Blocker

master call blocker

Master call blocker is another useful and powerful tool for blocking unwanted calls; it is 100% free and doesn’t ask again and again your permission to block calls and messages. You can create a block list of the numbers you don’t want to talk and you can create a whitelist of the important numbers. You are given three options to block calls- block all calls or allow calls only from your contacts/ favorites/ Allow-list. You can also block all unknown numbers or reply to call with a custom SMS. This app saves a lot of battery, and you can easily enable or disable this app as it has a simple option to do that.
Download: Google Play Store

9# Root Call Blocker

root call blocker

Root call blocker is the most powerful tool for blocking call and it requires root access on your Android device. This allows Root Call Blocker to work at a system level and to provide airtight blocking and filtering from calls and SMS. This means that the app is silently blocking calls and messages without you ever knowing. Its unique features are that your phone never rings and the screen never turns on, in call widgets it allows you to ignore/ block calls, you can customize notification with vibration, ringtone and LED colors.
Download: Google Play Store

10# Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme call blocker is best-paid call blocker app for Android device that allows you to block calls and text messages directly from your phone in a very efficient manner. It has a lot of features but probably the most important is their backup and restore. You can backup/ restore from an SD card and also from your Dropbox cloud service. With this app, you can block not only unwanted calls and text messages but also block the MMS messages and secure your privacy. It will automatically erase all block calls from your phone’s call log.
Download: Google Play Store

Final Words
These above-given lists are the best Call Blocker for Android 2024 edition with the help of which you can get rid of annoying unwanted and spam calls and messages. Pick out one of the best call blocking apps for Android it according to your requirements and enjoy your peaceful life. If you like this article, then do share it with your friends and relatives.

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