Ballloon, Save Files Directly to Cloud Storage

Cloud is the best place to store our files securely with amazing speed. There are many cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Skydrive, which provides free services to users with limited access. We can upload files by directly going to the cloud storage site or by downloading their computer/mobile application.
Ballloon, Save Files Directly to Cloud Store
If you want to upload an Image, PDF or a Link from net, then first you have to download it, after that you can upload it to your cloud storage. But, now the time is changed. There is no need to download a file to store it cloud; you can store it directly by using Ballloon.

What is Ballloon?

Ballloon is a Chrome extension which helps you to collect images, PDF files or links directly to Dropbox or Google Drive without downloading steps.

  • Save images to clouds can be extremely fast and simple, ONE left clicking is done.
  • You can also right-click a link to save web files.
  • Certainly, the default destination folder is alterable.
  • You can read the transfer tasks at Departure’s board.
  • I can’t help telling you that it’s really fast.


Ballloon mainly offers two ways to save files.
Ballloon, Save Files Directly to Cloud Store
First and foremost comes available when you move the mouse to an image you like, and there would be two grey overlay icons of Google Drive and Dropbox show on the upper right. Click the preferred one. Almost at the same time the image goes directly into that cloud; that’s really cool. This function supports nearly all the types of files online: images, PDF files, and videos!
Ballloon, Save Files Directly to Cloud Store
Another option to transmit files is through the context menu options. You just right-click on any online file you need, then you will see some new stuff in your context menu shows with a Ballloon icon, and you can choose the preferred cloud. next the files go directly to the chosen storage.

The Defaulted Folder is Changeable:

Ballloon, Save Files Directly to Cloud Store
Click the Ballloon’s Omni icon in Chrome browser, there would be a pop-up menu, the second layer is right where you choose to change the defaulted folder.

Feedback to Ballloon

Still under the same menu, just choose the fourth layer, you will find out that Ballloon allows you to post your feedback when you come across any problem or have great ideas about Ballloon, and we just keep listening.

There is a cool way to let users use Ballloon on their mobile devices that is Yo. Users can choose one from below:
1. Yo me everytime when Ballloon updates, or
2. Yo me everytime when a file arrives, or
3. Yo me everytime when a big file arrives (≥1GB).

Final Touch

Ballloon is a beta version currently supports Dropbox and Google drive and runs on Google chrome 34+ version. I have been using it from last 3 days, and feeling a great experience with it. It is safe and fast. You can Enable/Disable it by pressing “L” 3 times in your keyboard. If you are a cloud user then you should try it.