Essential Android Apps for a Student in (2024)

An android phone came across various types of amazing apps that will play a crucial role in a student’s life.

So here is a list of some awesome and essential android apps, which can be helpful to students in their studies and the most interesting thing is that the following apps are Free.

So, it will be easy for every student to save money and use them fully.

Essential Android Apps for a Student

Best Study Apps For Students Online (2024)

Here are some useful Android Apps for students (2024), which will not only aid in the learning process but also teach them to utilize time for the best.


Evernote is a popular app among students. It is a great note-taking application that allows you to create a note using your android phone such as text, audio and snapshot notes.

It records sound, video and images and helps you to stop writing lecture notes in the classroom. It is simple to use and can be easily manageable by anyone.

Math formulary

Math formulary app is the best app for students. This app has almost all the math formulas required in studies. This app is really helpful to students who scared of maths and who have poor memory skills in mathematical formulas.

This app offer hundreds of mathematical formulas and provides quick access to the formulas from different mathematical subjects such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, mensuration, etc.


This app is used for making a timetable for studies, which is very important part of every student’s life. Students who make a timetable and follow it seriously for all their works like studies, play, class schedule, tuitions and homework can only get success in their lives.

This app is very useful for students for managing their study time well with other activities on their phone. It is very helpful in preparing for exams. It also saves text notes and reminds you of upcoming test and homework.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Nowadays, the syllabuses of the schools or colleges are very tough as compared to the previous one, which is taught in higher classes. Thus having a dictionary is a must for every student’s which can be helpful for them in their studies.

So this app helps the students look for a word meaning in the Merriam-Webster dictionary that can be easily understood by them.


Documents are everywhere in the world. Generally, a student used e-books which is in PDF format and MS Office documents. OfficeSuite is the best app to view office documents, and it also contains a PDF reader function, which means you don’t need to install a PDF reader separately. To edit a document you have to buy its pro version.

RefME – Referencing Made Easy

RefMe is a very useful app for students to create and collect references and research for their assignments and projects. Let me tell you that RefMe is an award-winning app that automates the referencing process.

It helps the students create references, citations, and bibliographies almost instantly by searching (for book/journal, article title, DOI, ISBN, or ISSN) or copying and pasting URLs. 

The app makes student life too easy making it one of the best student apps available for download. 

Best for: Citations, Reference

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad


StudyBlue is one of the most popular free apps for students. It is the largest crowdsourced study library, with over 400 million flashcards, notes and study guides from students like you. This app allows students to study using virtual flashcards right on their phones or tablet.

Again the best part is students can have constant access to their study aids by using StudyBlue for their studying and memorization needs.

Best for: Exam Prep, Revision, Planning and Taking Notes

Devices: Android, iPad and iPhone


Want to sharpen the minds of your dear children. Then here is the App Mind maps which is just incredible when it comes to Mind Mapping.

It is available via your browser as well as an app. SimpleMind gives you all of the functionality you’d have if you were drawing a mind map by hand – plus even more, if you’re happy to pay for it.

One important feature of this app is its ability to expand and collapse branches is ideal for navigating a huge mindmap on a tiny screen.

What apps should I have as a student?

These apps which have been mentioned above are very much essential ones and every student must have them.

Which is the best learning app for students?

I think RefMe is the best learning app for students

What is the most popular learning app?

Udemy is the most popular learning app in the present time.


So, here is the list of those Essential Android Apps for a Student which you are seeking for. We have done our part by suggesting these most valuable and useful android apps for students.

Please keep in mind that these apps are the most recommended ones by most professionals. We hope you have got some value from this article.

For more keep visiting our blog and you will get more such information.

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